Moroccan Complete Cob & Tadelakt Workshop

Moroccan Complete Cob & Tadelakt Workshop

04 Nov 10:00 - 02 Dec 18:00 - Tangier
Tangier, Morocco


Our 1st Tangier, Morocco Complete Cob Workshop will take place in the city of Tangier on the southern edge in a beautiful neighborhood called Sidi Mismoudi with very old houses, lots of vegetation and a short walk to the beach or along the coastline. We will be hosted by a lovely long-term Tangier family, Ahmed and Latifah Ben-Sallah, right in their 3-story Riad overlooking the city and removed enough to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment punctuated five times a day by the prayer calls.

We will be introducing COB to the Moroccan population as this is a new technique using their traditional materials. While Moroccans have built with clay and still do, they use blocks like adobe and build angular-shaped buildings mostly out of baked bricks. Our workshop will take place in Ahmed and Latifah’s backyard where we will build a cob bungalow/guest house for them to host friends, family and rent out for income. Ahmed is a builder and will be learning with us, as will several other Moroccan builders. As an added plus we will be learning Tadelakt from a local Master and applying it to a part of the building for a contrasting finish to earthen plaster.

The workshop will prepare students for professional cob building and/or teaching and, as always, wil be very intensive, especially in weeks 2 & 3 when the walls go up. Latifah is a very accomplished cook and we will be fortunate to be well-fed three times a day with the finest traditional cuisine. Ahmed and Latifah will teach us alot about Tangier and Morocco and there will be time in the evenings to go walking into the Old Medina, along the coastline, in the neighborhoods, etc as Tangier is always alive with activity. The twice-weekly Farmer’s Market is a 5-minute walk from their home and the center of Tangier is a 20-minute walk away. Beautiful beaches, hiking areas and well-visited towns like Chefchaouen and Asilah are a short ride away for weekend adventures. Students can also visit Tarifa, Spain which is across the Strait of Gibraltar for the weekend. George Reed, an American who was born and raised in Tangier, will be available to take students on guided tours of Tangier ans well as local trips to the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen, Ceuta, etc.

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