Girls Gone Glamping in Morocco

Girls Gone Glamping in Morocco

02 Oct 11:00 - 10 Oct 14:00 - Marrakesh
Marrakech-Moroco ღ

You're invited to join our small group of ladies only as we check Morocco off our bucket list. Travel to Barcelona, Spain then to Marrakech, Morocco. From there we will take a camel trek to stay overnight in the Sahara Desert. After our time in the Sahara we will travel on to Fez, Morocco. This is for the adventurous or those who want to be. Yes, you may invite your girlfriends, as long as they aren't scurred to try something new. Please note there are no elevators in the hotels, only very steep stairs. There will be lots of walking and riding on the tours, including a camel trek, so make sure you're comfortable with that before signing up.
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The Power of Enjoyment

10 Mar 14:00 - 16 Mar 13:00 10 Mar 14:00 - 16 Mar 13:00 - Marrakesh Marrakesh
Marrakech-Moroco ღ Marrakech-Moroco ღ
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